The Texas Lottery website has an all-new address and design. The site is now located at TexasLottery.com - it was previously TXLottery.org. However, any bookmarks or links to the old address will still work because visitors will be automatically redirected to the new site.

The new site launched with the heading "Luck's new address" and offers a redesign powered by updated technology, giving the site improved ease of navigation whether on a desktop, phone or other device.

"In redesigning the Texas Lottery website, our team focused on creating a streamlined, user-friendly experience for our players while making our website address easier to recognize," said Gary Grief, the Lottery's executive director.

"We are thrilled with the new design and layout of texaslottery.com and we will continue to keep up with technological advances so that we can maintain a visually appealing, convenient, and enjoyable experience for our website visitors."

What's changed from TXLottery.org

Here are a few of the changes that players will notice on the improved TexasLottery.com:

But don't worry, not everything has changed - Lottery fans can still find all the same features on the new website that they previously enjoyed on TXLottery, including the option to: